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ATLAS Funds Training

Learn Anytime, Anywhere With Our Online Fund Training Portal.

ATLAS Funds Training Academy contains a comprehensive library of cloud-based fund training courses on Global Fund Regulations. This includes UCITS Funds and AIFMD Funds.

It consists of a series of recorded training presentations, plus an array of other training materials.

The platform is extremely easy to use with users having the ability to learn at their own pace or to a set schedule.

Key Features

Improve your knowledge and understanding of Global Fund Regulations with our extremely easy to use Fund Training Courses.


Learn Anytime, Anywhere. With our cloud-based training academy on Global Fund Regulations.

Video Learning

Each course consists of a series of recorded training presentations, plus an array of other training materials.

Track User Progress

Create detailed reports that capture all the details you require on your staff’s performance and course progression.

Automated Grading

Delegates put their Global Fund Regulation knowledge to the test with our online assessments.

Gain Certificates

Upon completion of each course, delegates will be awarded a verified Digital Certificate by Funds-Axis.

What Our Students Have to Say

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Keep up-to-date with the latest fund regulatory developments and improve your knowledge and understanding of Global Fund Regulations.

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